Coming from a tiger 1050

Dec 2017
Greenfield u.s.
I'm coming from a 2011Triumph tiger 1050 and by far the most fun you will have on a bike. I got rear ended and glad to be alive. I like trying new things and going from a triple to a twin I have my doubts..i just can't see that sporty ride and responsiveness coming from the Capo. Has anyone driven both and if so could you give a review
I've noticed hardley anyone has engine guards and hwy pegs? No way could I travel the country without them
Thanks John
Mar 2018
Came from a Tiger 955i so not really able to compared other than the Tiger died and the Cap a brilliant bike for me. enjoy the ride
Mar 2015
Brisbane Australia
G'day Hannah,

You need a test ride....... Capo12 is very roomy so I suspect that's why nobody bothered with forward pegs....... lots of leg room..... very comfy.

Most fit Hepco & Becker crash bars, which are heaps better quality than the type Aprilia fit to the Capo Rally model.

Also, be aware Capo 12 is no longer in production.


PS I traded my Capo12TP in for a KTM 1290GT......:D...... the Capo had the better suspension but the Kato is amazing;)
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Jun 2019
Newcastle upon tyne
I think everyone is different as i came from a Benelli Tre-k which is so underrated in my opinion but the capo is a great bike, i am just getting used to it and up till now it's great.
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