ATC failure and EFI

Nov 2018
Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Hi everyone, it’s my first time posting in the forum. Unfortunately due to a problem. I own a Caponord 1200 2015 travel pack, 38.000km. Since last weak out of the blue either riding or just standing ATC turned off, nothing I could do manually to turn it on. Every now and then the problem disappeared by itself. But the past 2 days it comes more frequently and right after that EFI turns on and the sound of the bike (exhaust) changes.

Went to the local dealer and he could not do Sth, still waiting feedback from Italy! Any ideas? Anyone with the same issue?


Jun 2019
Newcastle upon tyne
Hi and welcome sorry i can't help you may be better to try the Aprilia forum hosted by AF1 racing as they seam to get more response, hope this helps.
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