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below 3000 t/min


I bought my bike second hand, so I don't know how it is when it comes out of the factory. So my bike stuttered below 3000 (3500) t/min. Like I red often on the internet.
So what have i done, I tighten the throttle. Now there is no more "empty space" beteween the turning of the throttele and the wire connected to the carburetors.
How did i do it, under the throttle you can move a rubber housing to the side so you can see 2 little bolts. You losen them and then you tight up the longest bolt untill there is no free movement anumore of the throttle. than you tight the littel bolt again.
The result is the below 3000 (3500) t/min the bike is more maniable. I don't say the the stuttering is completlu over but is anyway a big improvement. And it is for free :-)

I hope you guys sort this out.
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Hi, I bought my second hand Capo last year and found a similar issue. Mine was unrideable at 60kmh and would hunt, stutter and cough in 2nd and third was too low in the revs. First gear was too high and the bike would launch at minor throttle inputs. I took it an Aprilia Dealer on the Gold Coast who was going to put in an aftermarket ECU. After I had booked it in the dealer phoned me back and said there was no aftermarket ECU available for the 2014/15 model He did say that Aprilia had a "Performance Maximiser Kit" that they said would rectify the issue. Kit comprised of an additional small canister in the exhaust system just before the muffler and a re-map. The result is smooth riding at 60kmh in 2nd or third and very responsive acceleration from any speed or revs. No coughs. Cost $800 installed but most of that was labour Kit was quite cheap at around $280. Think the labour was high as they had not done one before and took extra tie to work it out. Worth every penny though. Bike is simply awesome.
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