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MotoFanatic March 21st, 2017 05:38 PM

New 2015 Caponord Travel Pack
Thinking of purchasing this bike new with 1 mile on the odometer. I never owned an Aprilia. I have not owned a chain drive bike since the "70's". Am I crazy? Will I be able to find aftermarket accessories? I need a top case for my wife. I think 2016 was the last model year? There is a lot of fancy electronics to fail on this bike. I need some guidance!!!

BrisbaNord March 29th, 2017 10:16 PM

G'day MotoFanatic from Brisbane Aus.

I had a 2014 TP which I bought new in 02/15 and clocked up 37,000kms (app 23k miles).

Apart from forum whingers complaining about everything on their bike of choice, I found the Caponord1200 to be amazingly comfortable and competent once a couple of simple mods were done - fit a 16 tooth front sprocket to correct the ridiculously stupid tall gearing and once the oem tyres are shot, fit 190/55 (yes 55 profile) rear......I used Michelin PR4 but so long as the profile and size is upgraded the handling is perfect.

What an amazing bike......not without drama that can happen to any brand - eg, my alternator stator coils failed at 37,000kms (just as the Aussie importer started to close authorised dealerships).....well, same fault occurred on my beloved CBR1100XX (thought at 77,000kms).

Anyway, the TP will be sold cheaply because it has been out of production for a couple of years, but man o man, I would have kept mine if I had room for three bikes in my garage.......instead, the sneaky salesman chucked the keys to a 1290GT at me and said off you go!........and I just had to have the KTM......sad to trade the Capo in, but I did do 2 years and almost 40,000kms and loved every minute.....hey a Capo 1290....now that would be a perfect bike!

Cheers......just remember that you cannot do much maintenance as the Capo needs a laptop hooked up to Aprilia software to set anything, and a heap of special tools for fork oil (but that lasts 40,000kms), and it requires an 8hr tear down to get to the valves (which I wasn't going to bother with as they were ok at the first major service 20k kms). All you can do is clutch fluid and chain tension......but the service interval is huge, and I just changed oil and filter myself in-between the official 6,000mile/10,000km book services.

Ps the AF1 sponsored forum (2014-2017) has an immense amount of photo's and stories (and whingers) that you could use for further research...:cool:

What a bike........killed off way too soon.........was better than MS1200 on comfort and handling IMHO......but them's the brakes eh? ;)

You will probably get the 2015 dirt cheap......they were on clearance sale here at $17,000Aus until all stock gone.....and second hand resale is app $12,000 Aus (I think that's what my dealer got for mine.....I traded for app 10.5k as I just had to have that 1290GT......lucky I bought for a great price instead of the original $24,000Aus retail set in 2013.)

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