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cdnpuck October 27th, 2017 05:51 PM

Looking to buy 2016 Capo Rally
My last 2 bikes have been an 06 Multistrada and a 14 Hyperstada. By default, I was going to get a MTS1200 since I loved my last 2 bikes. Decided to look at options before pulling the trigger and included the Superduke 1290GT and the 2016 Capo Rally. I'm leaning towards the Capo but before I pull the trigger, what are the main things I should know or be concerned about? Thanks in advance.

Xactoman November 1st, 2017 09:11 AM

I LOVE the rally. Rode my cousins multistrada and thought the capo was more civilized and comfortable. Better handling too. Peak HP is different but anything under 130mph and they are the same.

Only thing to consider is proximity to your dealer Incase you need service. Capo is very computerized. Other than that I’ve never had any trouble with Aprilia.

heinz57 November 3rd, 2017 01:58 PM

Well, there are issues with all Italian bikes, but the fuel sender now seems to have a permanent fix if yours goes.

The suspension is super plush but can find it's limitations if you really push it.

I love mine, but I think there is a lot of difference between 160 and 125 horses ( if you are lucky) on the Aprilia.

Xactoman November 14th, 2017 04:43 AM

I’ve ridden the MS1200 and honestly I didn’t notice the extra 50 horse. The capo has as much or more power down low to match the MS. The MS really kicks in over 9k rpm, but that’s not a range or a speed where you would use all that power on a touring bike.

BrisbaNord August 24th, 2018 05:25 PM

G'day cdnpuck,

Just a bit late........ but thought I'd add that anybody considering a Caponord1200 (great bike etc etc) needs to consider dealership/mechanical support.

Especially in the USA where nearest trained/experienced techs might be 00's miles away.

These bikes are no longer in production (shame as they were really very nice to ride and very well equipped) and that may cause problems finding someone to service/repair/etc.

There are some special tools required for eg fork maintenance, and to do valve checks (prob not necessary IF oil is changed more often than factory interval) the coolant must be dumped and the cam cover gaskets replaced (they are not reusable type).

Some early 1200's used a lot of oil due to bad rings/assembly issues, but I believe later models like the Rally had few complaints.

Best of luck....... oh, I just read in the latest Aussie Motorcycle News magazine, that the 2018/19 upgraded MS1260 Ducati has fixed all the issues with the previous DVT 1200 model (including a longer wheelbase to fix weird corner standup issues)......... and there is more of a chance of a Ducati dealership/mechanic being in town than an Aprilia center (unless you are near an AF1 dealership - see 2014-2017 forum). Just bring a fat wallet when buying..:eek:

;) Ps The Capo12's in all three models (Strada, Travel Pack, Rally) all made 105hp at the rear wheel (dyno) which was still v/good, but sometimes not quite enough.......:D I have the 1290GT and it makes 150rwhp (yahoo) but the white power suspension isn't as good as Capo-Sachs or Ducati-Sachs.

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